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Tenants enjoy greater involvement than ever

At SSHA tenants have a great impact on shaping the business and our services. Their opinions aren’t just lip service, they’re involved to really make a difference.

SSHA has built upon the information provided from STATUS by conducting 650 doorstep interviews and holding its successful Big Day Out. From here we’re able to really demonstrate how tenants shaped our Local Offer and influenced how we’ll develop services in the future. 

Jan Goode, Director of Corporate Services reveals, “The Tenant Partnership is our traditional way of involving tenants on a formal basis and building on this very strong foundation we’re introducing a series of new approaches which will enable us to listen to a broader range of customers so we can improve services at a local level.

Jan continues, “We’ve risen to the challenge to create greater tenant involvement. We are working closely with customers to form a scrutiny panel. Here we closely examine performance, which offers assurance to the board that tenants are getting what they need.”

When asked her opinion, Jean Shelton, a member of the SSHA Board and SSHA tenant says, “It means a lot to have such an impact. I feel I’m putting back what’s been given to me in the past. People give me ideas and the Exec Team and Board Members listen. I’m right at the heart of it, I love it.” 

Jean adds, “It makes a difference to the other tenants because someone like them is helping make decisions. I think living in the community gives a much better idea of what they wantand need and I can really relate to them.” Jan finishes with, “We’ve recognised a need for change and are shifting gear to develop the Tenant Partnership to offer real results, as well as being a sounding board. We can identify a need for change, pinpoint what that change is and determine how to go about it demographically and geographically in greater depth to move our services from good to great.”

Jean Shelton, a member of the SSHA Board and SSHA tenant