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Together we create community pride

Being proud of where you live is not just an ambition, it is a reality for Cheslyn Hay resident Allan Pittaway.

Funding and support from SSHA helped residents in High Street, Cheslyn Hay transform an ordinary communal garden into an oasis – complete with flower beds, a vegetable garden and even a fountain!

With finishing touches such as outdoor furniture and a parasol, the residents now have a beautiful place to sit, chat and pass the time of day with neighbours, family and friends.

Talking about the project Allan says “all the residents were thrilled with the generosity and appreciate SSHA’s commitment.”

Allan and his neighbours were one of the first projects to benefit from our new way of working – our neighbourhood agenda.

The neighbourhood agenda recognises that different people want and need different services, that one size does not fit all. This leads to innovative, bespoke projects that make a real impact on people’s quality of life – just like the Cheslyn Hay garden project.

We don’t just consult residents on our plans, but work with them to discover what will make the greatest impact on community pride in their area.

Mary Griffiths, SSHA Chair, said “We are truly passionate about delivering exceptional customer service – this means really listening and being truly open to designing services around the aspirations of local communities. This will make us stand out from the crowd as an exceptional association.”

Sue Rowley, SSHA Managing Director, added, “the easy way is to deliver a standard service to all our customers and communities, to think we know best. But what you achieve is often bland - not exceptional. We are committed to working with local tenants to make our services fit their needs not ours – now that is special!”

The neighbourhood agenda is about our attitude to customer choice and involvement. Our desire for innovation and commitment to do what will work and make a difference in communities. Its ultimately about making residents proud of where they live.

Tenant benefitting from neighbourhood agenda