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Our leaseholders are usually people who have purchased a flat or maisonette which was formally a South Staffordshire Housing Association or South Staffordshire Council property.

Leaseholders' rights and responsibilities are outlined in their lease. Our Leaseholders' Handbook gives information on the services you will receive as a leaseholder of South Staffordshire Housing Association and an outline of your rights and responsibilities.

Please remember that the handbook is only a guide and will not affect the terms and conditions of your lease which is your legally binding document. If you experience any problems with your lease, you should always refer to your own lease agreement or seek independent legal advice. More information regarding FREE independent legal advice can be found below.

Under the terms of your lease you are required to contribute towards a service charge. Your service charge is the money you pay towards the day-to-day running costs of your block of flats, as well as your share of any major repairs. The charge represents your share of the expenses for the maintenance, repair, insurance and management of the building. The Association is legally required to collect service charges from leaseholders.

Service charges

You pay your service charge for:

  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Building Maintenance including drains and gutters, communal areas, roof, window frames (but not the glass, which is your responsibility), storage areas, door entry systems, communal heating and lighting systems, estate roads and pathways.
  • Management and administration costs Ground rent Buildings Insurance

Thinking of selling?

If you are thinking of selling please contact us. In some cases it may be possible for us to help by buying your property back from you without the need for an estate agent, we can also consider letting you remain as a sitting tenant.

If you are selling to another person you should contact us with the name of your estate agent, solicitor and the name of the new leaseholder.

Not sure of your legal rights as a leaseholder?

Leaseholders (or shared ownership residents) can obtain FREE legal advice regarding their lease from the Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) at www.lease-advice.org or by telephoning one of their trained lawyers on 0207 383 9800.  This  service is government-funded and completely FREE.

Getting involved

We hold regular Leaseholder meetings at which we explore how we can improve the service that we offer you. All leaseholders will be advised on the issues discussed and we plan to produce a leaseholders' newsletter in the future.

Please contact the Leasehold Management Officer if you would like to join this group or you would like more information.


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