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Making your own improvements

At some time you may want to make some improvements to your home that are not covered under our repairing responsibilities, or replace something in your home that we are not due to replace for several years. In this case you may want to carry out the work yourself.

You must get written permission from us before making any alterations or improvements. We cannot unreasonably refuse to allow you to carry out improvements to your home, but improvements which we believe will reduce the value of your home or cause a nuisance to your neighbours will not usually be allowed. We may also set some guidelines that you must comply with. You should also check with the Council's Planning Department to see if you need Planning Permission.

We will inspect your proposals to see if they comply with Building Regulations. Once works are completed we will visit you to check that the works have been completed and are of a satisfactory standard.

Any improvements you carry out to your home will not lead us to increase your rent.

Compensation for Improvements

The Right to To Compensation allows you to claim some money towards the cost of carrying out certain types of improvements if you move away from your home soon after completing them. The improvements that are covered under this right are the type of work that is covered under our repairing responsibilities.

For a full list and the process that you will need to follow to make a claim, please download our "Right to Compensation for Improvements" leaflet.