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My tenancy

If you are one of our tenants you signed a tenancy agreement when you accepted the property, and you therefore have an Assured Tenancy. Your tenancy details your rights and responsibilities as an Assured Tenant and also our responsibilities as your landlord.

Your tenancy is an Assured Tenancy. (Those of you who transferred from South Staffordshire Council in 1997 have additional rights which are set out in your tenancy agreement - these are known as protected rights.)

Assured Tenants have full security of tenure.

Full security means that you have the right in law to stay in your home as long as you live in it as your main home and abide by the rules of your tenancy agreement. If you are away from your home for an extended period, for example a long holiday or in hospital, you need not worry. Your tenancy is safe as long as you have made arrangements to protect your property, pay rent and have informed us if you will be away for more than a month.

You cannot be evicted without the Association first obtaining a Court Order. Eviction is used as a last resort in cases of serious breaches of tenancy conditions. Most breaches of tenancy conditions can be dealt with simply by a visit or a letter but in some cases it maybe necessary to take legal action. The first stage is the issue of a Notice of Intention for Seeking Possession. This will state the reasons, also known as grounds for seeking possession. These are set out in your tenancy conditions.

If the breach of conditions is not remedied, the Association then must go to Court to satisfy a Judge that it is reasonable to grant us possession of your home.

As well as security of tenure, Assured Tenants enjoy the following rights:

  • the right to take in lodgers
  • the right to sub-let part of your accommodation
  • the right to exchange
  • the right to succession of tenancy
  • the right to be consulted
  • the right to have access to information held about yourself on our computer system and other files
  • the right to have information
  • the right to repair
  • the right to carry out improvements

For full details of all your rights and responsibilities please read:

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