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Local housing association provides much needed bikes

Police at Featherstone celebrate after receiving six new bikes from SSHA

The six officers patrol the northern areas of South Staffordshire including Cheslyn Hay, Essington and Huntington. With a wide area to cover daily, the community police find that bicycles are the most suitable method of travel. Allowing them to travel quickly and effectively, it also ensures the officers make frequent face-to-face contact with local residents.

 At the end of last year, the PCSOs, who work closely with SSHA on a number of community initiatives such as last year’s Cheslyn Hay fun day during the October half term, appealed to the housing association for help.

 As part of its commitment to its 5000 tenants in the South Staffordshire area to deter anti-social behaviour and keep neighbourhoods safe, SSHA agreed to assist by purchasing new state of the art bikes for the officers.

 “We would like to thank South Staffordshire Housing Association for its support in providing the bikes for our Police Community Support Officers”, comments Sgt Paul Cook from the station. “The bikes are invaluable to our work in giving the people and visitors of South Staffordshire a reassuring face in the community. It also shows the commitment and close working relationship of SSHA and ourselves in making South Staffordshire a safer place."

 Adrian Eggington, director of neighbourhood services at SSHA said; “We really welcome the opportunity to support partner agencies like the Police, as together we can make a real difference to the communities we serve."

 Laura Hart, SSHA neighbourhood services team leader, who was heavily involved in the project added: “We understand what an important role the PCSOs play in supporting the police force and our neighbourhood services team. They are very useful in maintaining the safety and wellbeing of our tenants located across the South Staffordshire area and they heavily support our community initiatives.

 “The donation of the six bikes is to say thank you for their help to date and to look ahead to the future, where we have already made plans to work closely within them to benefit local people."

 South Staffordshire Housing Association which is part of the Housing Plus Group, invests approximately £5 million each year on a programme of works to enhance its tenants’ lives. Its mission is to not only provide homes but also create neighbourhoods with a strong sense of community.

 For further information about the SSHA call 01785 312000 or visit www.ssha.co.uk.


L-R PCSO Gaz Lloyd, SSHAs Laura Evans and Alison McDougal Brownhill and PCSO Lou