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Power to the parents

In an initiative brought about by South Staffordshire Housing Association (SSHA) and Staffordshire Police working in partnership, parents from one housing estate in Wombourne are taking to the streets in a bid to curb anti-social behaviour and act as mediators between local people and the police.

Known as ‘Parent Patrol’ the project centres around the Giggetty Estate where 298 homes are managed by SSHA. On a monthly basis, residents will be touring the estate with local police officers. This gives police officers the opportunity to discuss issues with residents and responses from residents can also be voiced back to the police. This project forms part of other initiatives SSHA is involved in which are designed to improve the environment on the estate.

“The purpose of Parent Patrol is to allow everyone in the community to have the opportunity to voice their concerns or opinions on matters which affect their homes and locality,” explains Kim Carr, Anti Social Behaviour Officer for SSHA. “Quite often differences can escalate unnecessarily, so the residents in Parent Patrol act as mediators to convey messages between residents and police”.

“The scheme has been working with much success and we are already seeing a happier neighbourhood, as a result,” added Becky Raven-Smith, Neighbourhood Involvement Officer.

“What is very clear from Parent Patrol is the opportunities it raises to address local issues that have been affecting residents’ quality of life. In addition it provides an excellent opportunity for all partners to engage with a shared vision to make a difference for the future,” said PC Wayne Green of Wombourne Police Station.

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