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South Staffordshire residents home swap

South Staffordshire residents can now swap homes with people across the UK as part of a new scheme being launched in the region.

South Staffordshire Housing Association (SSHA) has signed up to the national HomeSwapper scheme which sees residents across the country register on a national database and swap homes.

The scheme helps people to move home more easily and to have a greater choice in where they would like to live if they want to be close to family or employment opportunities.

The HomeSwapper service will hold details of mutual exchanges within South Staffordshire as well as details for people who want to move here from outside the district.

Rachel Chudley, head of housing services at SSHA, said: “We are funding this service to enable our residents to register for free. It is a simple way for residents to register their requirements online and then they will be able to check for suitable properties and HomeSwapper will email them at regular intervals with details of suitable exchange partners.

“We want our residents to be able to access a variety of housing options that meet their needs. This scheme gives them more choice and flexibility if they want to swap their home.”

One family to have benefitted from mutual exchange are Sally and Jason Rowley, and their two children, who moved from Codsall to Bilbrook because they needed a larger family home.

Sally explained: “We wanted to move because our house had quite small rooms and it wasn’t very big downstairs. We decided to try the Homeswapper to see if there was anyone wanting to move who had a larger home. We were so pleased when we found this one down the road.

“It’s just what we were looking for. There is a kitchen with a big dining area and living room so there is more space for the children to play. The new house is closer to the children’s schools so it’s great.

“Someone came to see us quickly and they were really helpful. They made the whole experience really easy to go through. We’d definitely use it again.”

If you are an SSHA resident and want to register on the mutual exchange scheme Homeswapper visit www.HomeSwapper.co.uk or for more information visit www.ssha.co.uk/mutualexchange

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