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Swindon Affordable Homes

Around 40 villagers turned out at the weekend to see the plans for proposed new housing in Swindon.

Roger Lees, Chairman of Swindon Parish Council, said today: "Most of the visitors were very supportive and wanted to know if they, their families or friends could apply for the housing. Over 30 application forms were distributed. This shows there is a real need for these new homes. It is important to the future life of the village that they are built."

South Staffordshire Housing Association has already conducted a survey of every household in the village. 60% of responses to the survey were in full support of the proposal for affordable housing for local people. However, following a request by 10 residents, the parish council will poll the village again on 14th May.

Speaking on behalf of South Staffordshire Housing Association, Ursula Bennion said: "The homes will be allocated to people who can prove a local connection. Having expressed support once, there is a danger that people will not realise how important it is vote on Thursday. If local people want these homes to be built, it is important that they turn out to vote.”

The plans for the scheme will be on display at the Swindon community centre between now and 14th May for the community to view. Specific sessions will be held on Friday 8th May (4.30-5.30pm) and Saturday 9th May (9.30-10.30am). The poll will take place on 14th May at the community centre from 4-9pm.

Artist impression of Swindon development