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Opportunities for groups

Become a member of the Residents Sounding Group

The Residents Sounding Group meets regularly throughout the year at different times of the day to guide and challenge policy reviews and put forward proposals for meeting targets for delivering the Local Offer. The group is made up of a core of 25 residents and recruits new members on a project-by-project basis. All of our residents are welcome to take part.

The group works with the organisation and other residents, including groups and individuals to make sure that it can:

  • Shape policy
  • Influence the design of services
  • Influence plans and business plans
  • Keep a focus on resident involvement to ensure that residents have a real impact on service and neighbourhood improvements.

Become a Member of the Interested Customer Group

There are currently over 100 members of the group. This is an informal group who are contacted from time to time. They have taken part in postal surveys and mystery shopper type activities. This group have commented on our leaflets and literature which carry the 'Resident Checked' or the 'Tenant Checked' logo.

Having the Interested Customer Group allows a wider range of responses and views to be sought from more people. This is ideal for those who wish to be involved on an occasional basis without having to commit to regular formal meetings. We are always aiming to increase the numbers involved with the Interested Customer Group, and to develop new ways of involving them in improving our services.

Take part in Focus Groups or Working Groups

A focus group or working group is an organised discussion with residents. It aims to bring together the knowledge, opinions, views and experiences of different residents. They are a good way to gain a large amount of information in short time. They are also an effective way to explore new ideas and encourage residents to take part in the decisions made by the association.

From time to time the association uses this method of involvement to seek the views and opinions of specific groups of people to help it to carry out special pieces of work.

Join or start a Residents' or Community Group

Residents who want to improve their home, neighbourhood or local environment often start a Residents' or Community Group. It needs people who are interested and enthusiastic to get things done, have their say on local issues or to organise social events. These groups are an opportunity for people with similar interests to get together. This type of involvement means that the group helps to develop an increased sense of belonging and pride in the community in which they live. Group members will also get to meet neighbours as well as meet new people.

If you would like to start a Residents' or Community Group contact the association's Neighbourhood Involvement Team and ask for a copy of our Start-Up Pack it will give you lots of useful information.

Start up pack

take a look at one of our Residents Association's websites: Hilton Residents' Association.