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Opportunities for individuals

Send us your compliments, complaints and comments.

The association welcomes compliments, complaints and comments from residents. We ensure that any expression of dissatisfaction is independently and thoroughly investigated and responded to within published timescales. Compliments, complaints and comments can be made by;

Send us your views and opinions about our services through our dedicated resident and community involvement email address;

Complete and return association surveys and questionnaires

In addition to reporting satisfaction ratings to each business area, there is a strong focus on the analysis of residents' comments and suggestions as a way of developing and improving our services. The association uses your responses to continually improve our services to you.

Contribute to the Newsletter

A residents' newsletter, News Extra, is produced and published four times a year. The newsletter is produced by residents, the Editorial Panel, with the support of association staff. The Editorial Panel welcomes contributions to the newsletter.so, send in any articles of interest that you would like to share with other residents.