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Support from SSHA

Providing Commitment and Resources

We will:

  • Provide a dedicated team for involvement work.
  • Provide a choice of opportunities for involvement by residents in the delivery of housing and related services.
  • Ensure that, where appropriate, residents are reimbursed for expenses that are incurred through involvement activity.
  • Provide Start-Up Grants for recognised Residents' and Community Groups.
  • Provide basic administration support for recognised Residents' and Community Groups. This will include providing assistance with photocopying and the production of agendas and minutes.
  • Provide governance and procedural advice to all Residents' and Community Groups.
  • Provide training to residents on subjects that will provide them with skills that will support and encourage them to be involved.

Providing Information

That will be:

  • In plain language, avoiding jargon.
  • Provided by letters, interviews, meetings, email, newsletters or annual reports to residents.
  • Available in other languages, Braille, audiotape and large print.
  • In leaflets that will cover a wide range of topics.

Letting you know how we are performing:

We will:

  • Demonstrate involvement from a cross section of our residents. We will do this by ensuring equality of access to all resident and community involvement structures. We will also monitor, and where necessary take action to increase involvement of under represented groups.
  • Report our achievements and the impacts of resident involvement to residents and the Board of Management.

Right to be involved in Continuous Improvement Reviews

  • Every service area within South Staffordshire Housing Association has an action plan which shows how it will continually improve the service that is delivered to residents.
  • The association will regularly carry out Continuous Improvement Reviews, to ensure that all action plans are implemented and monitored, with feedback reported to the Board of Management.
  • Residents will be given an estimate of the time commitment required for the review. As time commitments can be extensive, residents will be asked which areas of the review process they particularly wish to be involved with. When carrying out these Reviews the association will ensure that it involves residents in a style and at a pace that suits each individual.