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This ancient rural village is midway between the towns of Bridgnorth and Stourbridge. The village name has had a variety of spellings such as Envil, Enfield, Enfeild, Enfelt and Enfeld. The meaning could be an Even (Level) Field a Village within a Clearing or a Clearing within a Wood. At the end of the Eighteenth Century and without explanation the Lord of the Manor The Fifth Earl of Stamford changed the spelling to Enville.

The Earls of Stamford lived in Enville Hall which is still owned and lived in by the family though the title is extinct. The family name was Grey, best known perhaps through Lady Jane Grey who was Queen of England for ten days in 1553 before being beheaded by her successor Mary Tudor.

St. Mary's Church is of Saxon origin, rebuilt by the Normans and the Victorians. It underwent major repair and restoration to its fabric just a few years ago.

The Parish has just short of 400 people on its electoral role almost exactly half the number that were living in the Parish during the 1831 census - perhaps two thirds live in the village but the boundary is difficult to define. In the centre of the village is one pub, a village shop, a Post Office and Stores and an Antique Shop.

Enville is surrounded by beautiful scenery. There are two large commons, Enville Common, which is flanked by a forest of Scotch firs, and Highgate Common, of about 800 acres.

Enville Village