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There's never been a more challenging environment for housing providers, but we recognise that this challenge is even greater for our customers.

This is why we're delivering an increasingly broad range of exciting solutions delivered with great customer service. 

These solutions are all geared towards meeting specific local needs, and tie in with the commitments we've outlined in our Local Offer. This is our way of ensuring we involve tenants as closely as possible in shaping the future of the Association.

Our dedicated Neighbourhood Team are helping ensure tenants have greater choice, opportunity and a stronger feeling of ownership of the services provided in their local area.

Our vision is that SSHA provides much more than just homes. We are developing confidence, skills and pride within our local communities. Through our investment we can help make people proud of where they live. We are working tirelessly to develop an increasingly innovative range of services and opportunities. It’s an exciting way forward.

For us local isn’t about reminiscing, it’s our vision for the future. 

Supporting Communities

At South Staffordshire Housing Association, we believe that our role is not just to provide homes but to support the creation of successful neighbourhoods and communities. One of the ways we do this is by sponsoring local groups, charities and community organisations to help them with their day-to-day activities.

The association is keen to hear from local groups who need funding to support the local community. Community groups who wish to apply for a grant can download our Application for Sponsorship Form.

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