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Application to exchange tenancies

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We are still accepting applications for mutual exchanges.  These are reviewed and you will be told whether the application has been accepted or not. If your application is successful, your mutual exchange will go ahead when it is safe to proceed.

Once you have identified a possible Mutual Exchange partner, you must tell SSHA by completing this form. SSHA will then assess your application and inform you whether the Exchange can go ahead. All parties MUST have written consent from their landlord before an Exchange can happen.  This form should be completed by the party whose landlord is SSHA. Before completion of this form you should read all the questions through and read the grounds on why we would refuse your application.

For more information about Mutual Exchange, please see our Mutual Exchange FAQs

Section A - your present circumstances

Your address

Please note: If you are in rent arrears, you will not be considered for an exchange. 

Please note: If you and/or any members of your household have unspent convictions to disclose, this information will only be used to assess the suitability of your proposed exchange property and its locality. It will be disclosed only in the circumstances as set out at Section C. 

Section B - Details of the person you wish to exchange with. 

Address of the property you wish to move to

Please note: we require these details in order to request a reference from their landlord. Without a reference your request to exchange will not be able to go ahead. It is your responsibility to provide the contact details of their landlord in order for us to arrange a timely response from them. 

Section C - Data protection.  

Section D - Declaration.