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Sanctioning is when your benefits are stopped for failing to do something you have been asked, by the Job Centre, such as attending an interview or completing an application form.

Top Tips

  1. Maintain copies
  2. Keep track of dates
  3. Ask us for advice

Inform Housing Benefits/Universal Credit

When your benefits are sanctioned, the Jobcentre will contact the council, who usually stop your Housing Benefit and Council Tax reduction until they have confirmation of your new income. Be sure to inform them of your sanction so your housing benefit and council tax support does not stop.

Apply for a hardship payment

A hardship payment is a reduced amount of benefit that you can apply for from the Jobcentre if your benefit has been reduced because of a sanction. It normally pays 60% of your benefit payment.

To be eligible for a hardship payment, you must now be following the rules for getting your benefit.

Hardship payments of Universal Credit have to be paid back once the sanction comes to an end.

If you want to apply for a hardship payment, ask at your nearest Jobcentre.