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Customer panel

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Our customer panel has a rolling agenda covering key areas of our business, including:

  • Regular monitoring against service standards and performance ensuring good and consistent quality service standards are in place.
  • Monitor service delivery against these standards highlighting areas of concern to the Scrutiny Panel for indepth analysis. 
  • Contributing to policy reviews to ensure customers views and opinions are being heard.
  • Reviewing service development plans.
  • Share outcomes from our customer insight and engagement.
  • Review and monitor landlord health and safety responsibilities and compliance.

You can choose to give your feedback on areas of particular interest and also how you would like to take part.  We offer opportunities to have your say by:

  • Attending regular meetings, at our offices, which are held every other month prior to our Homes board meetings.
  • Completing online surveys and questionnaires
  • Sharing your views via telephone or email.

Customer panel achievements

Over the last six months the customer panel has reviewed a number of policies and been involved in a range of projects, including: 

  • Reviewing a proposed new Anti Social Behaviour Policy which resulted in 13 amendments being made to the policy before it was signed off by the Homes board.
  • The customer panel members were asked to give feedback on the standard of homes being let, as customer satisfaction levels were at a low 52%.  The panel looked through a range of images and agreed what they believed to be a good lettable standard and also what was not acceptable.  The panel feedback helped to shape the new Lettable Standard Policy which clearly states what customers can expect when they move into a property.  Since the launch of the new lettable standard customer satisfaction has increased to 78%.
  • Panel members were invited to listen to a number of customer service centre telephone enquiries at a call quality workshop.  They were then asked to mark the calls and share their opinion on the quality of customer service provided. The workshop gave the panel a real insight into the type of calls that the customer service centre advisors take, how calls are handled and what training takes place if any areas are highlighted for concern.  Colleagues in the customer service centre found the feedback extremely useful and their views helped shape the new Customer Commitments which can be seen under the useful leaflets and forms area of this website.
  • At the last involved customers and board member event the customer panel were asked to share their views on how well they felt the Customer Voice Model was working against its objectives .  Members explained that they were really proud of the improvements made, as a direct result of their hard work, commitment and insightful feedback .

Moving forward the customer panel will continue to provide a voice for all of our customers and share their views on how services can be improved.  You can get involved by registering here.

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