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Fair Landlord: spending carefully to deliver more

Every year, we make a commitment to build more new homes and deliver more home improvements as customers tell us that these are the things that matters to them most.

We want to make improvements to your home at the earliest possible opportunity. Unfortunately, last year we spent over £1.2 million managing rent arrears, tackling anti-social behaviour and dealing with missed appointments for vital safety checks. This is a huge amount of money that could have been spent improving homes.

By reducing the amount of money we spend on dealing with these tenancy issues we can do more for our customers who pay their rent on time and who look after their home and neighbourhood.  We don’t think it’s fair that these customers should have to wait longer than necessary to benefit from improvements like new kitchens and bathrooms.

That’s why from 1 April 2018, customers who continually breach the terms of their tenancy agreement may no longer be eligible to receive high value home improvements.