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Planned improvements

Each year we spend £10million looking after our properties.

The savings we have made as a Fair Landlord have meant that we have been able to increase the amount we invest in home improvements.

In just one year, we have:

  • Fitted new kitchens in 290 homes
  • Delivered 400 new boilers, helping to cut energy bills for customers
  • Rewired 100 homes
  • Installed 550 fire doors, improving the safety of our customers
  • Replaced bathrooms in 200 homes
  • Carried out Home MOTs on 1,200 properties

This work is carried out as part of a planned maintenance schedule. Home MOTs take place a neighbourhood at a time. Kitchens, bathrooms and boilers are replaced according to their age.

You can see when your address is due for home improvement by viewing the leaflet below.  Simply find your area on the map and the check the work schedule.

Please note - if your kitchen, bathroom, boiler or external doors do not fit the age criteria listed on the leaflet below they will continue to be repaired until sufficiently old enough and we are next in your area.